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Plugins for Internet Explorer:

Web form filler IEFillForm 4.0

 Download (zip-archive 523 kB)

This is easy and comfortable web form filler. It allows to fill a web form and single fields with one mouse click.   More...

Toolbar IEShowPictures v1.0

 Download (zip-archive 447 kB)

Toolbar for quick control of showing the pictures in the Internet Explorer. It allows with one mouse click to turn on/off showing  the pictures on page in the Internet Explorer. More...

Search toolbar for Internet Explorer v0.4.

 Download (zip-archive 487 kB)   

This toolbar is built in the Internet Explorer (since version 5.0.) and allows to search using the following search engines: Google, Lycos, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, AOL. The main requirement for toolbar - to be compact. More...

PopUp windows blocker IEPopUpControl v0.1.

 Download (zip-archive 424 kB)

This program is made for to block the popup windows, which appear regardless of user desires when visiting websites.  More...

Toolbar IEFlashHunter v0.1.

 Download (zip-archive 411 kB)

Toolbar allows quick remove flash elements from page in the Internet Explorer. All are very simple -  grab the sight with mouse,  drag and drop it on flash element. After that it will be removed from page.  More...

Plugin IEShowToolBar v0.2.

 Download (zip-archive 383 kB)

This plugin allows to show main menu and toolbar with standard buttons of Internet Explorer, if after opening new window they are hidden. This will be useful for those who wants to know more about popup windows, which frequently appear when you are surfing in the internet. More...