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PopUp windows blocker IEPopUpControl v0.2. (freeware version)

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This program is made for to block the popup windows, which appear regardless of user desires when visiting websites. This blocker is made for Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher.


Few words about using of the blocker. 

After installing in menu:: View - Toolbars will appear item IEPopUpControl., which responsible for showing the blocker toolbar.
Attention: blocker works regardless is toolbar shown or not.
There are three buttons on blocker toolbar.
- button for global turn on/off of the all blockers.
- button for turn on/off blocker for this window of Internet Explorer.
- button for call of dialog settings.
The main is a button of turn on/off blocker for this window. Exactly from its state (pressed or no) will depend works blocker or no.
The button for global turn on/off of all blockers serves only for simplification of management by all blockers.
Hot keys: While pressed CTRL key popup windows are allowed.


This software is distributed as FREEWARE.  


 - freeware version does not allow change and save settings.

 - for freeware version simultaneously can be installed only one of the plugins - IEFlashHunter or IEPopUpControl


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