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Toolbar IEFlashHunter v0.1.

 Download (zip-archive 411 kB)

This toolbar allows quickly remove flash elements from page in Internet Explorer. Why do this? I will give for an example two situations:

1. You have opened page and began to read information from it, but at this time on the page constantly blinks some flash advertisement and irritates

2. You have opened any page with any list. For example inbox folder of your mail box. In the page center above your letters hanging flash advertisement. It has no close button (you have to wait when it finished) or if close button available, when you press it, will open new window with advertisement. For such situations this plugin was devised. Everything extremely simplified - grab the sight with mouse, drag and drop it on flash element. After that it will be removed from page. 


Few words about using of the toolbar. After right mouse click on button appears context menu, which allow to open toolbar settings dialog.


This software is distributed as FREEWARE.  


 - freeware version does not work in multiframes documents.

 - for freeware version simultaneously can be installed only one of the plugins - IEFlashHunter or IEPopUpControl


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