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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers).

1. Where is located “Add Voice” button?

2. What is EmailPlusVoiceOELoader.exe?

3. I have recorded a voice message, listened it and I want to rewrite the end of this message.
Can I do this if the record dialog is not closed yet?

4. The mail server of my recipient does not accept the mail with attached media files.
What can I do?

5. How to buy Email plus Voice for Outlook Express (Windows Mail)?

1. The "Add Voice" button is located in the new message window on separate toolbar beside the main menu toolbar and standard buttons toolbar.
Initially this toolbar is shown in a separate line.

You can drag it at a place that you want.

3. The EmailPlusVoiceOELoader.exe is a standalone application. It is used for loading the toolbar with “ Add Voice” button into Outlook Express (Windows Mail). It should be started before Outlook Express (Windows Mail) start. So, when a new message is opened you can see “Add Voice” button in a new message window. Also you can start EmailPlusVoiceOELoader.exe after a new message is opened. Immediately after that the “Add Voice” button appears in a new message window.
Typically EmailPlusVoiceOELoader.exe starts on Windows startup in hidden mode. To show it – start it once again (for example, from Start->Programs->Email plus Voice for OE->EmailPlusVoice Loader)

3. Play the message up to required position from which the recording should be continued. Press "Pause" button. Then press "Record" button - the recording starts from position where the playing has been paused

4. You can add the file with voice to the Zip archive. To do this, check “Zip the file” checkbox. Your voice message will be attached to the email as zip-archive.

5. How to buy Email plus Voice for Outlook Express (Windows Mail) you can read here

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